The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a national scheme that provides funding for people with physical, intellectual and psychosocial disability to access supports so they can maintain and improve their quality of life, achieve their goals and participate in their communities.  The NDIS brings choice, control and flexibility for participants and their families.  

New Pathways Counselling and Support is a Registered NDIS provider. At New Pathways we see NDIS participants who have an intellectual disability, mental health issues, autism and those with a physical disability. New Pathways works with self managed participants, organisations , agencies and other NDIS providers to obtain the best outcomes for their participants.

New Pathways Counselling and Support is expanding options for people with disabilities. NDIS participants can access New Pathways Counselling and Support to help increase skills and capacity, motivation, confidence and build relationships. At New Pathways Counselling we use one or a combination of approaches. For those that are unable or have trouble finding words to express their experience, Play therapy, play based interventions and Creative arts will be used. There is no skill, special interest or requirement to produce ‘art’. The approach used will depend on the individual participant.

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